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air flotation harvesting

flotation harvesting of microalgae - sciencedirect

2016-5-1 · Another potential harvesting method is induced air flotation (IAF), which has been used to remove oil droplets from water. It works through inducing air with an impeller-based system, which avoids the need for blowers or compressors

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coagulation and dissolved air flotation as a harvesting

Microalgae harvesting is the major bottleneck for biomass production on a large-scale. In this study, coagulation followed by dissolved air flotation (DAF) was used as a harvesting method for Chlorella sorokiniana cultivated in wastewater. The harvesting performance was evaluated using four coagulants (aluminum sulphate, ferric chloride, Tanfloc SG and Zetag 8185) usually used in water or wastewater

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improved algal harvesting using suspended air flotation

Identification of a more efficient algal harvesting system may benefit wastewater treatment plants by enabling cost effective means to reduce solids content of the final effluent. Furthermore, use of SAF to harvest commercially grown Chlorella and Scenedesmus may reduce manufacturing costs of algal-based products such as fuel, fertilizer, and fish food

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flotation: a promising microalgae harvesting and

This paper presents an overview on different flotation units as promising cost-effective technologies for microalgae harvesting thus bestowing for further research in development and commercialization of microalgae based biofuels. Dispersed air flotation was found to be less energy consuming

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dissolved air flotation - an overview | sciencedirect topics

Dissolved air flotation is also usually combined with chemical flocculation and is one of the most energy consuming methods of harvesting, so, it has not been considered here. Again, the ability of at least some strains of B. braunii in self-floating eliminates the requirement of

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a novel method to harvest chlorella sp. by co-flocculation

2016-9-21 · In view of this shortfall, a novel co-flocculation/air flotation (CAF) was adopted to harvest microalgae. In a CAF system, micro-bubbles are introduced into the flocculation process, and bubbles are attached to or encapsulated into flocs to form aerated flocs (Oliveira et al. 2010). Because the bubbles participate in the flocculation, the process is called co-flocculation

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optimization of chlorella saccharophila harvesting by

2020-3-1 · Surfactant-aided dispersed air flotation was investigated as a low cost microalgae harvesting technique for biodiesel, using the microalgae Chlorella saccharophila and the surfactant CTAB (cetyl trimethylammonium bromide). Response Surface Methodology (Box-Behnken design) was used for optimization of both recovery and concentration factor

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development of an efficient electroflocculation technology

2010-6-25 · Therefore, there is great interest in developing new efficient approaches for harvesting microalgae. RESULT: An efficient electroflocculation method integrated with dispersed-air flotation has been developed for harvesting Botryococcus braunii. The recovery efficiency of B. braunii reached 93.6% after 30 min using an electroflocculation process

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optimization of dissolved air flotation technique in

2015-2-18 · Harvesting is a crucial step in biofuel production from microalgae. The expense of harvesting operation is estimated to be 20%–30% of the total biofuels production cost. Dissolved air flotation (DAF) is a well known technology for separating

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harvesting of microalgae using flocculation combined with

2014-3-11 · This study explored efficient methods of harvesting the Tetraselmis sp. KCTC12236BP using flocculation and dissolved air flotation. Concentration ranges of flocculation agents were optimized using jar tests (batch flocculation experiments) using inorganic (aluminum sulfate, ferric sulfate) and organic (chitosan) flocculants in a pH range of 4 ∼ 10

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microalgae harvesting technique using ballasted flotation

The principles of microalgae harvesting using ballasted flotation were reviewed. ... (LDM) is used to replace the bubbles in the dissolved air flotation process and attach to the microalgae cells, so that the microalgae cells float to the liquid surface and implement solid-liquid separation. This paper reviews the research progress of ballasted

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efficient microalgae harvesting using a thermal flotation

2019-8-1 · Flotation can be generally divided into dissolved air flotation (DAF), dispersed air flotation (DiAF), and electro flotation (EF) (Ndikubwimana et al. 2016). Foam flotation, a type of DiAF, shows great potential as a microalgal biomass harvesting and enrichment method (Alkarawi et al. 2018)

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critical evaluation and modeling of algal harvesting using

2014-5-31 · In this study, Chlorella zofingiensis harvesting by dissolved air flotation (DAF) was critically evaluated with regard to algal concentration, culture conditions, type and dosage of coagulants, and recycle ratio. Harvesting efficiency increased with coagulant dosage and leveled off at 81%, 86%, 91%, and 87% when chitosan, Al 3+, Fe 3+, and cetyl trimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) were used at

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additive-free harvesting of oleaginous phagotrophic

2016-3-30 · Harvesting O. danica by air flotation Effect of air flotation time. As described in Materials and Methods, air flow rate was gradually increased during the flotation experiment to maintain continuous foamate removal without excessive foaming

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effective harvesting of microalgae by coagulation–flotation

2017-11-15 · This study developed a coagulation–flotation process for microalgae Chlorella sp. XJ-445 harvesting, which was composed of algal surface modification by combined use of Al 3+ and cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) and followed dispersed bubble flotation. Dissolved organic matter (DOM) in the medium was firstly characterized and mainly consisted of hydrophilic low

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(8)Harvesting of Haematococcus using Dissolved Air flotation (DAF) Xuezhi Zhang, Zixuan. Hu, Wei Chen, Milton Sommerfeld, Qiang Hu 2014-06-15 (9)Low-cost microalgal harvesting by high pH induced autoflocculation-dissolved air flotation Xuezhi Zhang, Pasquale Amendola, John Hewson, Milton Sommerfeld, Qiang Hu 2013-09-30

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