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dc machine parts ppt

(ppt) chapter 4 dc machines | getahun seifu

Arcing and sparking due to comutater segments that reduces the reliability of the machine. 4.2. Construction The basic parts of DC machines are: A. Stator (stationary part) B. Rotor (Rotating part ) 6 7 1. shaft 2. end-bearings 3

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dc machines - slideshare

2007-3-23 · 3/23/2007 ELEC A6 DC Machine1Lecture NotesELE-A6DC Machine 2. 3/23/2007 ELEC A6 DC Machine2DIRECT CURRENT (DC)MACHINES Fundamentals• Generator action: An emf (voltage) is induced in aconductor if it moves through a magnetic field.• Motor action: A force is induced in a conductor thathas a current going through it and placed in amagnetic field• Any DC machine can act

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parts of dc generator : working, types and advantages

2020-6-7 · So, a dc generator motor may usually be called a DC machine. The key parts of DC generators are yoke, poles, pole shoes, armature core, armature winding, commutator, brushes, magnetic field system, commutator, end housings, bearings, and Shafts. These are the parts of DC generators and will be discussed below in more detail

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dc generator - parts, working, emf equation, types

The separately excited type DC generators are used for power and lighting purposes. The series DC generator is used in arc lamps for lighting, stable current generator and booster. DC generators are used to reimburse the voltage drop within Feeders. DC generators are used to provide a power supply for hostels, lodges, offices, etc

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dc machine - construction, working, types, emf equation

Construction of DC Machine. The construction of the DC machine can be done using some of the essential parts like Yoke, Pole core & pole shoes, Pole coil & field coil, Armature core, Armature winding otherwise conductor, commutator, brushes & bearings. Some of

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construction of dc machine (generator & motor)

Magnetic frame or Yoke. Pole Cores and Pole Shoes. Pole Coils or Field Coils. Armature core. Armature Winding. Commutator. Brushes and Bearings. The diagram given below represents the various parts of a DC machine. The cross-section of a DC machine is shown in the figure below

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what is a dc machine? basic structure & equivalent circuit

The rotating electrical or DC machine has mainly two parts; one is Stator, and another one is Rotar. The stator and rotor are separated from each other by an air gap. The stator is the outer frame of the machine and is immovable. The rotor is free to move and is the inner part of the machine

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dc machine - construction, working, types and applications

Construction of DC Machine. The DC machine consists of Yoke, Pole, and Pole shoe, Armature core, Field Winding, Armature Winding, Commutator, Brushes, shaft, and Bearings. Let’s explain each part in detail with applications. Yoke or Frame. The yoke is also known as the frame

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ppt – dc motor powerpoint presentation | free to

Electric Motor Manufacturing Plant Project Report PPT 2021-2026 - Expansion in industrial automation represents one of the significant factors propelling the growth of the market. Additionally, technological advancements have enabled manufacturers to introduce compact, stronger, and more efficient variants, such as axial-flux electric motors

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dc machine: basic components and function | ee power

2021-3-17 · Each DC machine contains two separate terminals with a magnetized center between them. There are two main parts, the stator and the rotor. The stator contains parts such as brushes, magnets and housing for the whole motor. The rotor contains the windings, the communicator and the output shaft. The two parts work together when voltage is applied

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dc motor - definition, working principle, types, uses, faqs

DC Motor Parts. In this section, we will be discussing the construction of DC motors. DC Motor Diagram Different Parts of a DC motor. A DC motor is composed of the following main parts:: Armature or Rotor. The armature of a DC motor is a cylinder of magnetic laminations that are insulated from one another

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construction of a dc generator - explanation of its

A DC Generator is an electrical device which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It mainly consists of three main parts, i.e. magnetic field system, armature and commutator and brush gear. The other parts of a DC Generator are magnetic frame

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nptel :: electrical engineering - noc:electrical machines

2021-7-29 · DC Generator Characteristics and Introduction to DC Motors: Download: 24: DC Motors: Basics and Speed-Torque Relationship: Download: 25: DC Motor: Speed Control (Shunt and Separately Exicited Motor) Download: 26: DC Motor: Speed Control (Series and Compound Motor) Download: 27: DC Machine: Starting and Braking: Download: 28: DC Machine

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basic construction and working of a dc generator

2021-5-5 · A DC machine consists of two basic parts; stator and rotor. Basic constructional parts of a DC machine are described below. Yoke: The outer frame of a dc machine is called as yoke. It is made up of cast iron or steel. It not only provides

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construction of dc motor (parts & images) | electrical4u

2013-3-20 · Construction of DC Motor (Parts & Images) A DC motor is a device that converts direct current electrical energy to mechanical energy (learn about a DC motor’s working principle ). A DC motor is constructed with: A stator is the static part of the DC machine that houses the field windings and receives the supply

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